My background is in communications and has included Marketing, PR, Journalism, Research and Consultancy. My recent history has focused on Digital and I spent five years between 2007 and 2012 turning We Love Mobile into one of the UK’s leading full service mobile agencies. Since selling and exiting the company I have been broadening my thinking and expertise. I still specialise in mobile, but am increasingly considering the impact and potential of integrating and innovating across all emerging connected technologies and digital and traditional channels.

My professional focus is the strategic application of technology to solve business problems and improve commercial performance. This has included designing and delivering mobile, digital and multi-channel strategies for major brands such as Unilever, Kraft, Coca Cola, Virgin Media and Peugeot, as well as network operators, media owners and third sector organisations.

Four years ago I began thinking about and promoting the ‘The Always-On Brand’ as a way of harnessing the mobile internet revolution – leveraging off-line and on-line media via connected devices. I believe that innovative cross channel integration of mobile and connected devices will increasingly drive competitive advantage through the creation of more efficient communications and commerce models.

In early 2013 I joined the 20.20 consultancy as Head of Connected Device Innovation & Integration. This role allows me to work with senior retail and leisure clients to create seamless user experiences and improved business outcomes across multiple channels – with connected stores and spaces as the main focus and touch-screen interfaces and online content as the principal tools.

I am always interested in sharing ideas, insights and tips with people doing interesting things in mobile and connected retail.