I am proud to announce, somewhat belatedly, that I’ve launched Omnifi, a new agency with Andy Burgess and Nick Holroyd-Doveton. We actually launched back in May, which is why I’ve not blogged here for so long. So far it is going very well.

We are covering connected retail and leisure, focussing on communications, experiences and marketing where digital crosses over with the physical. We got here through our background in web and mobile and our more recent work within retail and leisure environments, which, amongst other things, saw us walk away with Digital Store of the Year at this year’s BT Retail Week Technology awards.

Our aim is to explore and exploit the crossover of digital and physical channels, a movement kick-started by the smartphone and now being fuelled by a new wave of sensors, wearables, connected objects and screens.

If you’d like to hear more about our thoughts and ideas or have a real-world problem looking for a digital solution, please check out the website www.omnifi.co.uk and get in touch.