I had a very interesting week looking at the role of technology in supporting retail experience for clients as diverse as automotive and convenience. Nobody owns the space right now, and this article from Paul Elliott at Rosetta is a very clear articulation of what Omni-channel means to agencies and why they have to change.


While customers might be demanding a seamless experience, there still seems to be some confusion over exactly what that means. I was amused to see The Mobile Retail Event 2013 being advertised as an exploration of ‘Seamless mobile experience’. In my book a seamless experience is one without barriers, so a seamless experience in one channel is surely an oxymoron?


This week Asda has announced that it expects 75% of Christmas shoppers to shop through more than one channel. Click-and-collect is one of their growth areas and I mentioned last week that Asda had been experimenting with click-and-collect lockers. Tesco also announced this week that they are trialing click-and-collect in-store kiosks for their clothing range. Users will be able to browse and buy using integrated chip and pin, and have the items delivered to home or store.


Away from retail, according to ITV 2nd screening has been growing fast as tablet ownership and usage in front of broadcast TV increases.


Another flavour of 2nd screening at Sydney airport, where you can interact with OOH screens to download Google Play content to your mobile device via QR codes, NFC and the airport wifi. All the digital signage going up in the UK is internet ready, and it is only a matter of imagination and some disruption in the OOH ecosystem before we see a lot more activation and interaction between digital posters and smartphones.

Finally some useful research from Deloitte on the importance of mobile. The thinking is sound, but not new and very channel specific. However, the report does contain some good up to date UK stats on technology ownership and usage, so worth downloading if just for that.